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Holiday Windows Design and Prep

Posted on January 3, 2015 at 8:37 PM Comments comments (229)
2014 Holiday Season was very successful despite alot of rain and cold weather. Preparing for the season is very important. Checklist of supplies needed, design each window as customer describes or to fit the style of the store. 
Example of checklist:
Paint, brushes, tape, newpaper, drop clothes, water bucket, paper towel, scraper, stencils, stencil adhesive, windex, designs...I know I am forgetting something but these are the main supplies needed. 
Holiday window paintingI will share some of the designs I chose for some Holiday windows.
Fall window paintingWinter window paintingWinter Window paintingChristmas Window paintingValentines Window PaintingHope you enjoy! Happy New Year! God bless 2015!         
Winter window painting